Sunday, March 6

Lent comes...

Lent comes every year. Some years it goes away unnoticed, crammed by the simmering heat of the summer. Some years Lent locks me in...getting deep into daily life.

Lent comes this year soon. Before it arrives, taking a little break before entering the disciplines of Lent has become an important act of self-care for me:  this season, I will cherish the deeper journey of Lent.

But every year I know that if I don't prepare for Lent, I am also depleted and exhausted by with it. One thing I love to do before Lent is to visit all the tempting dishes at the local eateries.There are those tasty Malabar cuisines that might tempt me unnecessarily during Lent. So, I will yield to them now and forget about it for a while.

 Is the discipline of fasting a ritual... something that I wish to accomplish to please God?  That sounds crazy!  Why is God bothered if I keep myself away from fried chicken or a grilled salmon? 
From 'dust' to 'dust'.... thoughts on Ash Wednesday 

Then, there is always a spirituality of imperfection and a deep yearning to put myself a little better.   Is Lent all about that? Is the yearly whisperings of the Lent a time to reflect about the ‘dust’ I am?


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AJ said...

Nice to know the Lent comes and Christian`s never NOTICE. Abby Thanks for the Notes too.