Thursday, June 2

... a few words on my thoughts

Farmers always have something to do on their fields.  But, today, I saw empty fields after the harvest. The beautiful sun kissing the empty earth was a gorgeous sight that forced me to stop and take a ‘click’. Though it was morning, the fields seem to be telling me that it is asleep... asleep after a yearlong period of fertility and fruitfulness. The farmers too cannot be seen. They too have left for rest and take a deep sleep only to awake late in the morning. That may be the reason why their fields are empty at this time of the day.      

Today, I am a little shy about the farms and the fields. I was never a farmer ... I am never a farmer... I will never be a farmer.  So I am little shy about the fields.

Empty fields are waiting for the rains across the hills. As I rode across, I saw the fast approaching rainclouds. The rolling rainclouds seem to be in a hurry to come down upon the dry earth. The clouds forced me to brake and exit from the car. The rolling dark clouds are rich with water and soon they will empty them over all these vacant fields.

The advent of the rainclouds is most welcome after a period of heat and dust. As rainclouds inaugurate monsoon with unceasing downpour, I know that my garden will not ask me for water. Come first rains, air will smell the wet earth and wind will chill the minds. Soon, dry brooks will babble all across these hills.

I am in a bamboo forest. And the last winds of the summer is making distinct notes of sound. The large bamboo trees are swinging in the wind...they are singing in the wind... they are howling and whistling. I have only read in books and heard songs about the ‘whistle’ in a bamboo forest. For the first time, I spent some time listening to the bamboos’ whistle.    

While driving though, I saw some confused birds flittering back and forth. Are they in a hurry to collect food before a big rain?             

My bamboo forest had a love story too to tell me

As I was leaving the forest, there was one reminder that caught my attention.
Photos from personal file. 
Location: Western Gharts (Kerala-Karnataka) 

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