Friday, August 26

God be God

... out of Garden 

I do not have unlimited freedom. Obedience to God's will sets limits... the first rung of the ladder to union with God and harmony in life is to let God be God.  We make so many things in life god - this job, that person, this thing, that title - that eventually we forget who God really is. We forget what really lasts in life.  We forget that there are responsibilities that come with creaturehood: to tend the garden and to care for it, to take care of the creatures and to be helpmates to one another. We even forget the presence of God and so act as if God were not present:  we belittle one another and make fun of the poor and reject the alien.  We make ourselves god and forget the will of God in others for us ...  Joan Chittister (a Benedictine nun, author and speaker)


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