Tuesday, November 29

Peddling to freedom …

One of the reasons I love riding a bicycle or trekking is that it gives me plenty of time to think and to meditate.  Every time I am on a trail, long or short, I keep thinking to myself all about that I am : Who are the newsmakers in my town? What are the news they make? … Then another frequent question that rolls out is to figure out who is better or worse than I am. Sometimes these questions will take miles out of my trail ... mile out of my peddling.  I do not really remember peddling 40 Km. or so with these thoughts ringing in my heart, because the empty tracks just pass away.

However, are these questions and thoughts important to God? I think it is unimportant to God. I don’t think God like the idea of me fixing a little niche in humanity over and against other people. What is more important is to understand my smallness in God’s plan and repent for all the wrongs that I have done to His creation. 

This feeling of the wrong doings to God’s creation must bring to me a freedom from all the arrogance, from all the judgments, and from all the condemnations that I make in my thoughts and deeds.

Next peddling must be free from the countless hours making up my mind about others. Why should I be satiated with an unceasing exchange of opinions about people close by or far away.  I think, I myself is the first person that needs a change ...  I myself is the great newsmaker that needs a change of heart ...  and probably the only once whose heart I indeed can change! 
I think riding a bicycle is a great fun and enjoyment...
and I am lucky enough to do what I enjoy!

 Peddling to freedom through these empty tracks is an absolute fun and a smooth thrill. This sleepy town is yet to wake-up to a beautiful Advent morning ...


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