Friday, December 16

... a search for God.

"Our search for God is only our response to God's search for us. God knocks at our door, but for many people their lives are too preoccupied for them to be able to hear.
Each of us needs an opportunity to be alone, and silent, to find space in the day or in the week, just to reflect and to listen to the voice of God that speaks deep within us."

...Cardinal Basil Hume

" More and more , 21st century people are finding it more difficult to dwell in a universe inhabited by unseen presence of God... Our world has been reduced to what is physical, what can be measured, seen, touched, tasted and smelled. That means we have become mystically tone-deaf, for all the goods that matter are in the shop window." 

... Fr. Ron Rolheiser

Photo locations (a) Beypore Fishing Harbor (b)  Banks of River Chaliyar, Mavoor

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