Tuesday, July 3

We know it’s all about the bike...

The bicycle saves my life every day.

If you’ve ever experienced a moment of awe or freedom on a bicycle;
    if you’ve ever taken flight from sadness to the rhythm of two spinning wheels, or felt the resurgence of hope pedaling to the top of a hill with the dew of effort on your forehead;

   if you’ve ever wondered, swooping bird-like down a long hill on a bicycle,
   if the world was standing still;
       if you have ever, just once, sat on a bicycle with a singing heart and felt like an ordinary human touching gods, 
    then we share something fundamental.

We know it’s all about the bike. 

Words quoted from Robert Penn's 'It's All About The Bike'
Photos : From my file, shot during the last spinning season.


Vijay said...

Indeed it's all about the bike!!! :)

Gokul Padoor said...

Great poem, borrowing it :)