Saturday, February 16


I imagine I retire to a   lonely place  to give myself the gift of solitude, for solitude is a time when I see things as they are.
What are the little things in life that lack of solitude has magnified unduly?...
          What are the really big things
      that I find too little time for?...
Solitude is the time to make decisions...or reconsider... at this juncture of my life?

I now make a decision about the kind of day today shall be:
Will it be a day of doing?  
I list the things I really want to do today...

Will it also be a day of being no effort to achieve, to get things done, to gather or possess, but just to be?

My life will not bear fruit unless I learn the art to lying fallow, the art to 'wasting' time creatively.
So I decide what time to give to play... to purposeless and unproductive interests...
 to silence.. intimacy.. rest..

And I ask myself what I shall taste  today... and touch... and smell... and listen to ... and see...  

Poem: Quoted from 'Well Springs' (a book of Spiritual Exercises) by Anthony de Mello
Photographs : Shots form places I visited that remain ever in my memory


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