Friday, March 29

Rumblings around the wheels...

I often ask myself , “What if I had started cycling sooner?” But then, should I always ask “What if” questions to myself often? No, I will leave behind the “What if” questions and pedal away to reality.

Mountain roads, burning sun and the call of the solitude ....
many times, this is what cycling is all about!

Each time I reflect the places where cycling has taken me, 
I am grateful to God for the new sights and experiences that I have had. 

My life style has totally changed since I took up cycling. 
My primary form of transportation has become cycle since three years. 
Since then, friends have changed, priorities have changed… 
I believe,  even food and drink has changed.  

Seeing us, most country dogs are frightened. Last time, seeing our head gear, 
cycling vests and cycles, this mongrel took to her defense.  

... but then, who said we cannot build friends around wheels? 

From simple rides in the town, it became more elaborate rides across districts and to the nearby hills. Then it became century rides and finally we are into long distant endurance rides (called randonneuring).    


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Aparna said...

Any cycling routes you can suggest in chennai?