Saturday, May 31


Harbinger of the rain is clear in the sky… 
come the cool winds and the occasional dark clouds. However, I had to rush to Bangalore for a tryst with a stunning bike shop…

Bike shop?  
Humbug! The name-board kept me guessing. 
But then there is always the number: 124/2 …

Shower the frames…. 
It’s a good idea to shower before the start of any game. Clean, refreshed and enjoyable, the bike maintenance starts here.   

Graffiti on the walls may speak different language:
BA in Philosophy,
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering,
MA in Arts and ....
Doctor in cycling.
Combine all and you get the meaning of some of these art work on the walls of this shop...

"I believe in Park Tool …. "
These men are at it. They keep the most impressive array of Park Tool collection. 
A fine tool-board smiles at me!
This is the best working environment one can have…

Park Tool Deluxe Double-Arm Repair Stand can be costly… (Guess what's the cost... 50K?) but they have it.
And a Shop Inflator to put air into rubber. 

Never seen one anywhere else...
Great, really great  !!

It is bike, bike and all about bike …
they have it on the walls, 
on the roof and on the floor. 
The idea is to drive it into head !

The Chainsaws are cruel , but Ya! I’ll tell them to use it to hang couple of those carbon frames.  

It makes a noise always. 
Don’t worry: the chain and the wheel come down with a noise… 
you crash with a BONGS !!

A FART ??… It is a difficult person, detestable person, or someone of small stature or limited mental capacity. (**There is an element of noise too in this!). 

Finally : "Amen" ... A Prophet on a Cycle !!  
I saw this somewhere… don’t remember where. 

All my pride of having a worthy collection of Bike posters were shattered on the walls of this bike store… 
they have the greatest collection of bike story on their walls.  

Life is Arabica is served with love … 
Sorry, your bike shop may not draw a cyclist in your coffee… 
but they'll draw cycle with a broad smile and a brown brew, deep in your heart !!
What is so important about Arabica and cycling ?
I wouldn’t know.
Why Should I?
Ya...Coffee doesn't ask silly questions!!
World over, it is Coffee before a ride, Coffee after a ride... Coffee, Coffee !! 

A longue as good as a ride … 
it is soothing to feel at home here. The soft flow of water from a font, a set of sofas and you are welcome to recline for all the crazy bike-thoughts.

Getting it all wired up on a trainer … 
fixing couple of gadgets… 
call it bike fitting. But boys, you got to know the game ! 
It is an awesome experience NOT to feel the bike when biking. To forget all about your bike,… and see the world around, and suddenly coming to your destination... “Oh! Is the ride all over so soon!” you ask. 
A fit bike gives the rider ultimate comfort. 
Believe me, not the gadgets, not the $500 wheels  but it’s all about bike fit!!

Something I love about Surly is this statement, 
"There is No New Black"... 

It's like telling, "You cannot get the "new" black go further than your old blaaaack!"
 "Surly is good Baby !!"

Wow !!

"Good Bye Bike fitting !"


Post Scripts: 

Dear Friends, 

To keep Chromoly 4130 riding in Kerala rain, read 

Edward de Bono + Robert Penn. 

Acknowledgement and Courtesy:
and Riyaz.

"Pavan, you never told me how you picked up that wonderful name for you dazzling bike shop...
and, Sorry, I couldn't do a great lens work with my tiny Samsung phone 


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