Sunday, May 4

Listen to life

The most baffling thing in life is to listen to life. Many times, I do not want to. But I must listen to it these days.

And as I listen to life, all the hidden joys, and sorrows pop up. Lost dreams, victories, smiles, tears, and laughers.

Am I a child of Grace? Have I listened to the Grace all around me, within me and about me? There is plenty of room to recognize Grace or not to recognize Grace. Eating lunch with a long lost friend, or accepting the sweltering heat of the day , all these can be a mixed bag of Grace.  Hearing the summer rains patter against the window or a day's closing with a decent work.  All this is to listen to Grace.

It is a haunting feeling to listen to the self-voice, “Why me?”  “Why all this Grace to me?... to touch, to smell and to taste… to see, to listen and to feel. In a limited life, it is the limitless Grace.

Amazing Grace!  It is all around. The fathomless magnitude of this overflowing Grace simply immobilizes me!

I listen to life!

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