Monday, July 27

A survivor’s lesson

I may not love the weeds the same way I love the flowers... but I respect them, learn from them, admire them for their tenacity to hold on to the rocks in the most unlikely and harsh places on earth ....

As I basked on the snow covered Roopkund peak, I caught the sight of weeds. At 16,400 ft. up, at subzero conditions, they seem to whisper me an important life-lesson: “We are going to be with you all to the ends of the earth”. As I heard them tell me that, many thoughts ran through me. At that height, in such harsh conditions, with no soil or nutrients, can they survive? The truth is that, they take birth, they survive...they flourish and they propagate from age to age.
Is the Himalayan weeds and grasses teaching me a survivor’s lesson?
Photo Location : Grass and weeds at Roopkund peak .

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Nemo said...

I think you get such small flora even near everest base camp, almost at 19000 ft. I guess AMS is only for us :(