Wednesday, December 30

As the year ends...

I always tell that I should not look back. (May be that is why God gave me a neck that cannot be twisted very comfortably). Nevertheless, as the year ends, I am looking back... Looking back to find out what has come right and what had gone wrong. Every year closes with lots of done and undone things. That is life.

Thank God, I had made only one resolution at the beginning of this year. It withered away long ago.

What is my take for 2010? Is it good to start 2010 with hands full of new ‘I must do it’ thoughts? On the other hand, should I leave each moment just for itself...and take each day as it comes?

Unlike every year, I approach 2010 without any resolutions. This is my resolution: To take each day ‘here and now’, in all the ‘might and best’ and...Leave the rest in the hands of the God.


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