Friday, January 1

A Connect With Us...

There are many stories in the Bible. The story of Creation is one of the most famous. Anyone can find it in the first two pages of any Bible. The story of Creation was and is one of the most debated stories in the Bible world. Different people debate it for different reasons.

As an adult, the creation chronology interested me most. At the beginning of every year, I read the creation story. These rereading of the same old story has spoken to me new insights every time. In the Creation story, God made the light on the first day. A close reading will tell that God never specifically made darkness. It seems to have existed by default. Then, ‘God saw that the light was good’. Bible says, God even ‘separates’ the light from the dark.

For me, it is of joy to believe that God is a beacon of light... a clear separator of the light from darkness. God doesn’t seems to mess up what is ‘dark’ and what is ‘light’ in His creation acts.

At the threshold of a New Year, isn’t that a great comfort to know that this Author of light is still
making a connect with us!...God is making a connect with us to let us separate the ‘light’ from the ‘dark’ in our day-to-day living.

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