Sunday, June 13

Someone writes about death...

Yesterday my friend and uncle-next-door passed away. 

I dedicate this citation for my dear uncle 
who always had a smile on his face.

Because so few people talk about it, I begin by asking, “Is death an issue at all?” I realize that for most people in my circles of friends, it is not. The people I know are not entertaining thoughts about death or the fruitfulness of life after their death. My friends say things like, I see my life becoming less and less productive, but I do hope to live longer,” or “I don’t want to become a burden to those around me.” For some, thought of having to be cared for by others is almost more than they can bear. This is a big worry for many ill and aging people....
The real question is : 
How can I live so that my death will be fruitful for other?
(Rev.Henri Nouwen)



Hi Abraham,
Your new layout is good, however darkness is more than required. If you show the drops of water in another colour background, may be more attractice.

Content is Superb.

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saurangshu said...

Sorry to hear about this Abby.