Saturday, June 12

Yet, they surprise me...

Be surprised by joy, Be surprised by the little flowers that shows its beauty to no one. 

Every morning, as we wake up and trek across the vast grasslands and the endless meadows, the sights of the Himalayan flowers that bloom across these slopes become awesome. As they come in every colour, they slow me down to observe the details. Suddenly, I become aware of the sacredness of the meadows... I become conscious of life that is embedded deep in that soil. Earth burgeons with life here. As the blooms show their beauty, no one is there to look at them, appreciate them or to encourage them. Yet they keep blooming... they keep blooming for a million years! 
Is. Ego is  may do many things showy and parade myself in front of othermy name. Nevertheless, I have a lesson in these mountain blooms. Mountain flowers are not ostentatious. They show their beauty even in an empty landscape, making their dwellings majestic and enchanting.  They come for a day... quiet and modest...dressed in their most brilliant attire...sometimes, wearing a fragrance for a lifetime. Still they go away soon...and turn to dust. They wouldn’t mind if I take no notice of them... they wouldn’t mind if I fail to appreciate them. 

Yet, they surprise me...

Photos are from Himalayan meadows on the way to Roopkunt.

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The beauty of Nature is excellent and your expression about it really a New Vision.

we expect more from you.