Tuesday, September 7

The Camouflage...

Hello! It is good that you have discovered me! My name is.......... and this is my art of survival. While you people spent lots of money and time to dress-up like your surroundings, I also do it...do it just like that.
Though you and I camouflage, there is a big difference: You camouflage to fight wars ...You survive to kill. I camouflage simply to survive and multiply. For you, camouflage is a weapon of war. For me it is a necessity of life.  
I have also seen how much time some of you spend to match your blouse with your saree-shades and to fix the right match for you salwar-bottoms. I don’t have any such problems. Camouflage is a way of life for me. Since millions of years, like me my family was also dressing up. 

Photo Location: The Mangrove Bio-park near my home. 

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