Friday, September 3

"Oh! I am sorry..."

One of the most important attitudes that I have to sharpen is to recognize that not everything in life needs to be fixed! The other day a close friend of mine called me to tell me that he was going to purchase a 16-speed multi-gear spots cycle. This was an imported top-of-the-line stuff. He wanted to know if I was interested in picking up a cycle too. For weeks together, there was a conversation in my heart about this issue: whether to buy a cycle or not. Well, an entry-level cycle of this sort costs around         ` 30,000. “Apart from money, do I really need it?... really need it?”   That was a bigger question that I had bumped into!  Finely I decided that I would not go for an imported multi-gear cycle. 

We must learn our calls… our ways and our methods of journeying. It can totally differ from others. It can be unique… it can be innovative. Just because someone is travelling in a cab or an imported cycle does not mean that I must do the same.

One of the most astonishing trends that I have noted is the manner in which today’s youth spend money on electronic gadgets… be it mobile phones, laptops, digital ‘clicks’, iPods…. and the list goes on and on. The other day, a junior staff in my office surprised me with his latest toy: a `10K mobile with a touch screen!  And, a  `100K motorcycle is a common ‘vroom’ these days.
The proclivity of today’s society to imitate her neighbour is very strong. The amazing aspect is that the society not only imitates, but also parades it! Flaunting wealth is as joyful as spending it! After all, if no one sees our new pretty gadgets, why owe it? This tendency goes deep to any depth: even the humble briefs and the bras get an exhibition in a tacit call to flaunt! (“Oh! I am sorry, my strap shows!”)

What is my method of journeying?

Well, my multi-gear sports cycle friend phoned me again today.  He tells me that he wants to buy an imported brand-new Harley Davidson motorcycle for  ` 600K.       How is that!!


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