Monday, January 10

“Maria, please wait! I am willing...”

The most inexplicable aspect of today’s living is my inability to wait for many things to happen in my life. How can I wait? What am I waiting for? How long must I wait? And, the silence can be cruel... and the sound of waiting can be enigmatic. Life has to go on in all these waiting... seconds fly by and time ticks away. A graffiti that I read on the last day at my engineering college was this: 
“Maria, please wait! I am willing...”

Quoting Hermann Hesse from Narcissus and Goldemund’  tells me this : O, how incomprehensible everything was, and actually sad, although it was also beautiful. One knew nothing. One lived and ran about the earth and rode through forests, and certain things looked so challenging, promising, and nostalgic: a star in the evening, a blue harebell, a reed-green pond, the eye of a person or a cow. And sometimes it seemed that something never seen yet long desired was about to happen, that a veil would drop from it all; but then it passed... nothing happened, the riddle remained unsolved, the secret spell unbroken, and in the end one grew old and looked cunning... or wise and still one know nothing perhaps, was still waiting and listening”

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Chacko Abraham Kunnath said...

Abby, Poetic and imaginative. I too feel nostalgia.