Saturday, January 15

To leave behind something....!

In me, like most others, there is a question that I ruminate: What do I leave behind when I die?  For a middle-aged man, this question may seem nonsense... “After all, I have so many years to go by and why should I think of death?” Then one day I realise that life was like an onion being peeled: I can peel and peel an onion until there is nothing left but a few tears in my eyes!

The question our culture asks about people’s lives is, Did they become someone important? What mark has he left on earth? ‘Rich and famous’ are two words that go together these days.

One of the greatest ironies of living is that we think either of yesterdays or think of tomorrows. The question, “What do I leave behind when I die?” bridges both the past and the future: it looks at the past and dreams about the future!     

The trick is to suppress these questions and take life at a time. I can tell myself, “Let me go forth this day and leave the rest in God’s hands”


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