Sunday, March 27

... a guilty bystander indeed.

With the one-day cricket on, I sometimes am caught up with it. I am not crazy about cricket nor do I like to spend the best part of the day on live broadcast over TV. Still, occasionally I am stuck upon the TV, unable to walk away from the excitement.   

When India play against any nation, there is a strange calling to watch the TV broadcast. After the match is over, the batsmen walks away with accolades... or the fielders walk away with a broken cheer. The umpire gets his pay.  But soon I come back to my world of ‘things to be done’. I sit feeling guilty for watching the game so long...for wasting time in front of TV... and I walk back to my riddles in life.     

At home, the worst part is family’s inability to watch a losing game. When India trail, I watch until there is any hope. Then, one-by-one everyone disappear from the sofas. First to walk away from the scene is my son. ‘Oh, I am going. I have things to read’, he’ll broadcast. Then my wife walks way quietly. She for sure cannot stand a losing India. Then it is my chance to quit. Walking away, I will ask myself why I cannot bear a losing game the way I take a winning game! Why we humans cannot accept winning and losing in the same stride?

I am a guilty bystander indeed.  

This green cemetery by the beach is a favorite place
I frequent to pray and relax.

" What the soul has to do in the time of quiet is only to be gentle and make no noise...
Let the will quietly and prudently understand that one does not  deal successfully 
with God by any efforts of one's own " ..... St.Tresa of Avila

Buried by the sea side, they hear a million waves till they journey eternity...

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