Monday, March 28

Rabbit on a cigarette....

I found this story in one of my readings and looks interesting for sharing. 
There is an old story about a little rabbit who had been born and brought up in a laboratory. One night his cage is accidently left open and he escapes from the complex. As he runs away he is amazed to feel the grass beneath his feet and see a sunset for the first time in his life.A little further down the road and he ran into another rabbit, “Hello, I just escaped from the lab down the road, were you born free?”“Oh yes”, replied the rabbit, “I live just down the road, wanna see?”“Yes please” said the rabbit and they jumped down the road.Soon he was brought to a beautiful field full of lush grass and they began to eat“This tastes amazing”, said the rabbit“This is nothing, let me take you to the next field, its full of lettuce and carrots”Sure enough the next field was overflowing with vegetables and so the lab rabbit happily tucked in.“And now for the best field” said the lab rabbits new friendThey jumped a little further down the road to a field full of female bunnies. They spend the rest of the day there and had a ball. But as the sun began to go down the lab rabbit turned to leave.“Where are you going” said his friend“Oh, this is all so amazing, but I got to get back to the lab”“Why, you have all the food, freedom and companions you could ever want here”“Yeah mate, that’s true but to be honest with you I’m dying for a cigarette”
I kept asking , "Why rabbit cannot kiss goodbye to his cigarette?"

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