Sunday, April 3


In the simmering heat of the summer afternoon, I happened to reach the beach. I never go there during that time of the day. Still, I thought I would be there to take a look.

Summer may be tough for the reptiles too. They come out to cool. I saw a golden skink (Mabuya Carinata) sitting on a wall. He has carried the exact colour and the texture of the cemented surface.  I am amazed seeing how these creatures camouflage. For him, the green leaves at the foreground or the bright light of the background really doesn't matter. He is more interested in the colour of the pavement he sits. And he has matched it beautifully with his camouflaging ability. 

The sky was unusual. There were the clouds of summer rain. And the shadow of those cloud fell on the hot sands. I was a bit nostalgic about the ambiance.  Sometimes, nature mixes up the hot and the cold. Summer rains are like the hot lava of a volcano that beak forth in the deep sea...suddenly, the unpleasant warmness is cooled by a light rain. The shadow of the cloud can be very confusing for the birds and the animals too. 

The empty beach was suddenly trespassed by a fast walking fisherman. I saw him rushing.  

Imagination can take lots and lots of freedom. For a moment, I wished that the hot sands were a vast green meadow... and that the summer has ended! If we couldn’t imagine anything in life, how poor our life would be! I was told that my forefather imagined a beautiful life and ate the forbidden apple from the Garden of Eden .... and I have reached here at the beach, at the simmering heat of this summer afternoon... still imagining!! 

Photos from my lens
Location : the beach at Calicut

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