Wednesday, March 16

"So Lord, teach me the markets today..."

"Lord, Dawn has appeared with another day of uncertain markets.

These days it is terrific to be a spectator of these happenings. Worst than a war, the whole air is filled with uncertainty. I have never never witnessed world selling off so badly. Nevertheless, someone else is buying all these carnage...someone else is pocketing other’s misfortune.

In this uncertain future, I hear optimistic voices. I do not know if these voices are simply playing a guessing game. How can people make concussions when there are so many complex chains of uncertain events?  Tell me Lord, Is this the art of investment all about? How can I predict the behavioural aspect of investments when all models of rational thinking stop? Yet, it is said that, only during these types of violent swings people make money. Market superheroes are made and lost during these times.
I thought I knew many things in the market. But I am wrong. I have come to a simple conclusion: there are more things in the markets that I will never understand, than which I will always understand. 

So Lord, teach me the markets today.... because, dawn has appeared with another day of uncertain markets " 

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