Sunday, March 13

... thoughts and prayers from Santiago to Sendai

Seeing the tsunami hit the Japanese coast, two conversations rolled in my heart: the first feeling was my helplessness. Second conversation was to tell myself, “I have escaped this tragedy”. All the rest of my feelings were plugged between these two thoughts.  In the coming days and weeks soon  I will forget all about Japan. Moreover, a new story will sink in my heart. 

It is told that when Sakiamuni (Buddha) was dying, the last sentence he spoke was thus: “Everything in this world changes. Nothing is permanent here”.  

What is important in humans is that there is a congenital spirit to create and destroy...the spirit of endurance to do both good and evil. Nature too seems to do both: to create and destroy.

In ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, Hemingway writes about (Mr.)Santiago (the Old Man),  "Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same colour as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated". That is the spirit of human will : to remain cheerful and undefeated. Japan will soon prove that.   

Stamp Miniature Sheet from personal collection

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