Tuesday, August 23

All-terrains that changed the world of cycling...

Empty countryside and the lure of solitude were two important factors for the arrival of cycles in Europe.  One of the good things about the early cycles was that they were manufactured to be used on any kind of roads. Smooth roads were a rarity in the countryside. Hence, all-terrain-cycles were a big hit. The Humber Cycles and Whitworth Cycles had the best technology of the times and they excelled in the manufacture of all-terrain-cycles.

Young groups of cyclists would leave the city-smog to tour the countryside.  In 1880s, England and France had many wayside inns that had fallen into relative disuse with the advent of railways. The cyclists found out these inns and began making regular cycling events to them.  A new era of leisure cycling was born.  What we call today as a cycle trail, had its origin in English countryside.  Of course, the countryside invasions by groups of cyclists were not without pitfalls. The orthodox families in those country sides restricted their youth from taking these pleasure trips and even meeting the town dwelling couples who have overrun into their peace and harmony.  

All-terrain-cycles have travelled a long way since 1890s. Today, they are one the most popular class of cycles sold. Loaded with sophistication, all-terrains have it all different from the rest of the pack. 


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