Friday, September 16

a name upon a page., writ in water in place of ink?

Is it that the nights pass by us
And destiny treads us underfoot?
Is it thus the ages engulf us and remember us not
    save as a name upon a page writ in water in
    place of ink?
Is this life to be extinguished
And this love to vanish
And these hopes to fade?

Shall death destroy that  which we build
And the winds scatter our words,
And darkness hide our deeds?


No, in truth, for the verity of life is life;
Life whose birth in not in the womb
Nor its end in death.

What are these years if not an instant in eternity? 


Quoted from the poem 
                            'Letters of Fire' (from Kahlil Gibran’s ‘A tear and A Smile’)

Remembering my Aunt who passed away on this night of 2008.


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