Saturday, September 10

Solo rider ...

Today I wanted to journal this after my cycling....

A banal evening …
Sun has set… lights are ON everywhere.
Yet, I cycle through the unlighted road with a lighted joy.

It is a long road to ride and the rainy days aren’t over yet .
I am awakened to this evening of dampness... 
 and the profound calmness of incomplete rain.  

I see in the dark some fireflies here and there.
Like small sparks of joy, these fireflies live a life
          only to disappear  in the dawn.

As I am peddling up,
          the peloton of troubles and cares seems to have been overtaken...
              a joy of fresh breeze
          and the loneliness of an empty ride has taken over.  

Yet, every turn and every corner offer a quick wonder…
           God brakes into with a surprise!

Someone said that God could not offer His presence all the time.
Is He an ‘Only now and then’ God?
God wants me to live by faith… not by sight.

A bicycle rider too lives by faith… 
   faith in too many things and faith in too small things.

So, solo rider… go and learn to blaze…
  because God breaks-in and dwells, in all surprise!

Photo credit to Ben Ingham

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