Wednesday, January 11

Precious Memories of prayer times …

How many words
are required
that I might explain
how You have left me wordless?
Poems defiantly
settle in my fingertips;
never to be written or read,
but to touch Your cheek
and trace Your lips instead.

This great mystical Himalayas mesmerize me each time I look at it!

Prayers once spoken
refuse to leave my tongue;
they linger and burn,
then turn themselves to kisses.

Oh tell me Love,
that this is the Language awaiting.
For my heart is a silent sonnet,
and Your Name my only creed.

This RED lorry grabbed all my attention on a silent beach !

Poem acknowledgement : 'Wordless'  by Oak Abbey (2012) . 
Photos Location : (a) En-route to Hampta Pass, Himalayas (b) Calicut Beach Road