Friday, June 21

Rainy days and thoughts of a flower vase.

Sometimes, certain flower arrangements hold my eyes. I understand that it is an art to arrange flowers and classes are conducted to teach flower arrangement.
Looking at a flower arrangement, I am reminded of the   person who has worked behind it: the Gardner who grew it and the artist who arranged it. All of them have played a part in the goodness of the flowers. 

Last week at Coimbatore, in a cozy little hotel, there were flower arrangements. Flower vases were in my room’s bathroom too.  I was wondering why a flower vase was done in the bathroom. What struck me was that, bathrooms are more than rooms for bathing; they are also rooms where people think.  The point I pondered was not all about the bathroom, but about the flower vase.  “What are they telling me?” Standing half-dressed and looking at them, I became relaxed… totally relaxed. I walked back to bed and fell asleep.  For some reason, the flowers have a magic to relax people and I am convinced about it.

As I checked out of that hotel, the flowers and the vases kept whispering me one secret of joy: stay relaxed. 

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