Friday, January 3 an empty chapel .

In an empty chapel on a solitary summer day…

I love the solitude of this empty chapel:  
the sound of perfect silence and the wind blowing ceaselessly ,
  and the countless waves beating the beaches all across her history.

To think of the humanity this chapel has witnessed… it was awesome !
I thought of the voices that had enriched the chapel:
the Chaplains with their Homilies, 
the Choir with their songs 
    and the Laity with their prayers..

Today, most of that history has frozen … 
 frozen in times that cannot be contained

 and her walls afresh with new paints beckons me for a new living.

It is a new year, 
a new challenge ….   
And my only prayer ,

“ Lord, be my guide in my little days… 
  and make me receptive to Your silence” 

Photo from file: St. John's Church (Tellichery) over looking the sea. 

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