Tuesday, December 29

With Open Hands

I was driving through Trichur countryside. Suddenly I noticed these sights. 
Stopped the car. 
Took the camera. 
Started to “click”. 
There was absolute silence everywhere. The gentle light of the sun was filtering through the clouds and falling on the grain fields below. I was joyful. The stress driving have had on me was gone. 
The ugly roads where polluting cars and motorbikes chased each other like mad dogs were missing. The filthy traffic blocks of Kerala roads were a far cry from these golden grain fields. 
Prisoner in a car was free at last!…What a relief ! 
Wished I had my off-road bicycle with me to explore these fields.  Owner of these fields may not wish that from me. 

I spoke a bit to the Silence. While my car cooled , I too cooled in the tender breeze.
When there is no overtaking, no honks, no radio to listen , no person to talk, no books to read, no phone call to make… how does that make me feel? Is silence fearful?

I know it is not easy to enter into the silence and reach beyond the many boisterous and demanding voices of our world and to discover there the small intimate voice saying ,

“ You are my Beloved Child, on you my favor rest.” .... 

Still if I dare to embrace my solitude and befriend my silence, I will come to know that voice.

...I walked away , claiming my own silence and solitude. 

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